Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mississippi River outing July 3rd

Casey's Catch Of The Day is up and running, and I have to play a little "catch up". Mike Thompson came over last night after fishing and he showed me how he makes posts on his blog, so thanks Michael! Now I'll be able to make post's faster than ever! This post is basically a tutorial, Michael showing me all his little tricks. I'm sure he wants me to get last night fishing outing up ASAP because he slammed a huge LM bass and I have the best pictures. So after I finish with this, I'll work on that as a "posting refresher".

Me and Lucas got out to the Mississippi River the third of July. I caught one 17" smallie and Lucas caught a bunch of rough fish.

Me with a good smallie!

baby cat

nice kitty

seize the carp

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