Thursday, July 16, 2009


I went out to a lake tonight to see if I could catch a lunker bass or two for the bass derby. For presentations, I limited myself to the Hoochie Coochie swim shad, senkos, and the Ribbit high floater plastic frog. It was really windy and actually chilly as I set out in my float tube. The strong NW winds made it difficult to fish with the few plastics I brought. Plus, it being post-frontal, the bass were not active at all. I had a couple puny hits on my frog in about an hour and a half. I knew I got out there a little too early, as there was still an hour to go until prime time. I was not too hopeful of catching anything and was getting bored, so I decided I would head in for the night, passing up prime time. Well, the winds started dying down a little bit and I was getting closer to the landing, taking a few casts here and there with the plastic frog when all of the sudden this huge freakin' toad slams the frog! Immediately I knew this was no ordinary bass because it was fighting like crazy and pulling me around in circles!!! After it tired out some the head popped out of the water and I just about had a heart attack! This bass is truly amazing! I got it close to the tube and grabbed it by it's gaping jaws with a vice like grip before it got away and pulled it out of the water to get a better look. It had a huge gut. I was thinking this one was five pounds easy. Heart thumping, I realized I had to get a measurement, a weight, and some pictures of this brute bass before letting it go. There were a couple asian guys on the shore, and they witnessed the whole thing, so I put the bass on a metal stringer and headed toward them and asked if they would take some pictures, and so they did. It measured 20.25" and weighed 5lbs 11oz on my digital scale. After catching this monster I didn't see the need to fish any more so I went home. Enjoy the pics of this impressive bass...


Michael Thompson said...

holy moly what a sea monster1 i think is is going to come down to a battle betwwen me and you for 1st place! I like that scale of yours, I am going to have to get one!

philipian2511 said...

Great work Casey!

Gook luck on th rest of the tourney.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bro Steve

Gal. 2:20