Thursday, June 18, 2009


Me and Lucas headed out for a three day fishing and camping trip at Glendalough State Park in Ottertail county. We launched my canoe, as it is a "carry in" only site. The first day was the best, fishing-wise and weather-wise. There was a moderate southeast wind and we caught quite a few bluegills in the 9" class tight against the reeds. The next day I awoke to the sound of wind and it was quite overcast with rain not far behind....not good for fishing in a canoe. We did get out and managed a few fish. We also tried some shore fishing spots and caught some bass. Overall the weather pretty much sucked the second and third day with lots of rain and wind, which kept us from getting out. All in all it was still fun, albeit much work because it was a cart-in camping site. Here's some pictures I took of our trip.

This was the biggest gill of the trip @ 9.5"

Lucas is "peeing a bluegill"

And after the peeing is completed!

Pretty colors...

Lucas nails a bass...

...and a crappie...

Lot's of these 9 inch gills in this lake...

I caught a crappie too....

Catching fish off the pier...

It wasn't the most successful trip with all the rain and wind, but at least we didn't get skunked.

The next outing is a big one. Me and my family will be staying at a friends cabin in the Cross Lake area for an entire week. I'll be fishing a few lakes in the area. I look forward to catching more bass to enter into the bass derby. Hopefully I'll get two more so I'll have my five to enter, then I can cull as necessary. Until then, see you next time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BIG bass!!!

It's been two weeks since my last post. I got out fishing a couple times between then and now...last thursday on Minnetonka didn't produce even a single fish. Then on saturday I got out with Mike Thompson and fished a couple lakes. We caught a few fish, including some decent gills, but we didn't exactly have a banner day. I was apathetic about the whole thing and didn't even post pics!

Anyway, I went out tonight to the same lake I went to two weeks ago (see prior post) hoping to connect with some bass in the float tube, and connect I did! I was fishing the slop using a Chatterbait and fluke. I had a hit on the fluke but didn't connect and the Chatterbait wasn't really doing anything so I tied on one of those pre-rigged plastic frogs and bang! Big fish on! I knew it was hefty by the way it was pulling me around in the tube. I got it in and it's this huge 'ol bass. It measured 21" long! Check out this slob!

After my heart stabilized I took a few more casts with the frog, almost in the same spot, and slam! Another bass, this one was 18". I didn't get a photo because it slipped out of my butterfingers before I got a picture. I caught a few more bass too, a couple on the Chatterbait and a couple on a white spinnerbait, nothing huge but fun nonetheless. Anyway, that's my report for tonight.

Lot's of good fishing action coming up. Next week me and Lucas are doing a three day camping outing on Annie Battle Lake, hoping to get onto some huge bluegills. Then my family are heading up to the Cross lake area for a week vacation. We'll be staying at a friend's cabin on Pine lake. There probably isn't a whole lot in that lake (probably some good fish though) but I'm hoping to get out and try some of the other lakes in the area. Look for my reports when I return.