Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lotus lake bassin' with Kyle

I took a detour from my usual thursday evening fishing routine and did some bass fishing with my friend Kyle, who really knows how to fish. He has had success on Lotus lake catching 5lb bass in the past, so I met up with him at the launch with his bass boat. It's been awhile since I fished out of a boat! We started out fishing some deeper structure using Carolina rigs. He caught a couple small bass and while I was distracted with something I got a decent bass on my Hoochie Coochie swim shad. When I got it in it was 17", but very gaunt know, big head, no body. Plus it swallowed the hook. It wasn't bleeding, so I cut the hook off and let it go for it's best chance of survival. I didn't get a picture of it though, oh well. We tried shore fishing, casting to outside weed edges. Kyle had a huge hit, a quality fish no doubt, but when he set the hook his line got tangled on something and broke the line and no fish! We buzzed over to another shoreline, Kyle caught a couple more pocket bass. I was casting a black spinnerbait with a big colorado blade, slowly reeling it in when a big bass smacked it. It measured 18" and at least this one looked healthy...

We fished a little bit more but didn't get much else so we called it a night. I was hoping to get a bass bigger that 18" because that would put me in first place in the bass derby, maybe next time! I didn't even get a picture of Kyle, but hopefully I'll get a picture of him next week when we get out float tubin' where he has a reasonable chance to catch a real lunker!

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