Wednesday, May 12, 2010

getting things ready for opener week!

The 2010 fishing opener is this saturday but I really don't have any plans to go out opener day. I used to do opener day up in Cambridge with Mitch. But now that the Lord has called him home I just don't have any desire to fish that day, at least not this year. I might go chase some panfish somewhere, but that's about it. Maybe next year I'll find a lake I can fish on the opener.

The real fun begins monday morning when I blast off for Lake of the Woods for a few days. I'll be meeting Jim Schwandt at his cabin right on the south shore of the lake. I'll definitely get my fill of walleye fishing up there. Right now weather looks to be favorable. The plan is, to head up there with my boat early monday morning, fish through thursday, then get up early on friday and hit a lake on the way home in the Bemidji area. I have a lake in mind that boasts trophy bluegills and crappies. I plan on exploring that lake and fishing it all day long. It looks to be a secluded lake with very very little lake shore property. So if I fish it on friday, my guess is that I'll pretty much have the lake all to myself. Plus, if the weather is warm all week, the panfish will probably be in the shallows.

However the fishing is though, I will cherish the friday when I fish that secluded lake surrounded by the beauty and quiet of God's creation. It should be a great week, and my camera will be working overtime to get some awesome pictures. Until then I am just getting all my stuff together and organized...

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