Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time to get out of town...

This year has been a real struggle to ice quality fish. Waconia has been slow, plus, one of my favorite little lakes close by my home has been taken over by dink perch! Other outings have been relatively fruitless. Yeah, sure, there are pathetic little fish I could take pics of and post, but why bother, really!

Fortunately I will have some relief from the ice-fishing blues, because friday I hit the road for 3-day trip to Grand Rapids. Andy will be driving seperately, will fish with me friday and half of saturday before he returns. I'll stick around through sunday.

What can I expect? That's a tough call. Weather is forcast to be seasonably warm, with daytime highs around the freezing mark. But as I understand there might be some good 'ol high pressure lurking, which will make the bite a bit unpredictable. Hopefully I'll be able to catch some quality bluegills and crappies, and if things stabilize, I could get onto a really good panfish bite. I look forward to trying my new Ice-Stopper fairy jigs in glow red and the Lindy Flying Rattler jigging spoon. Weather will definitely favor outside fishing adventure.

I'll have my camera ready to go, so look forward to pictures and my report upon my return.


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