Sunday, February 7, 2010

friday report

I had the day off work friday so I headed to a small metro area lake that supposedly had some big gills in it. It was snowing lightly and the temps were in the upper twenties, so it was pleasant fishing weather. I dragged my stuff out there and drilled a bunch of holes covering deep to shallow. I found active gills in every hole, and they were easy to catch, the only problem was the size. Small, potato chip sunnies no bigger than the hand.

Well, after a couple hours of that game I decided to head to Waconia to see if I could vindicate my last three outings there. I tried a couple different spots, fishing in the weeds, without anything to show for it. So I decided to head to the Pillsbury Reef area, an area I had struggled in this year but had caught some quality panfish there last year. I found an area with some deep weeds and sure enough found some active bluegills. They were on the bottom, mixed in with the weeds, but were eager to bite my offering of an orange Berkley Fish Fry. It was a bit slow at first, but as it got closer to dusk they became much more active. I kept a couple close to the nine inch mark.

After the gills shut down, I decided to switch gears and try for crappies. I put on a red Glow Demon tipped with a Gulp! waxie; I managed a couple crappies this way. They were slow, coming off the bottom slowly sliding up to my offering. Here's one at 10.5".

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