Friday, January 1, 2010

A couple quick reports

I visited the lake from my last report with Andy, hoping to cash in on some nice panfish once again, but this time the fish were very NEGATIVE! Very few fish caught, including the only keeper of the day, a nice bluegill over 8 inches. Beautiful fish.

I had to leave just at prime time, just as the sun was going down, in order to make it to a New Year's party. The panfish in that lake seem to be in that negative winter pattern and don't see myself going back there for quite some time. Amazing how fish patterns can change in a week.

This morning I scouted a local lake I have fished many times before. I caught a few keeper crappies, nothing huge, and lot's of small bluegills and lot's of dink perch. This lake is never the same year after year. Where you catch 'em one year, the next they are not there. And now there are tons of small dink gills and perch in spots where there were decent gills before minus the perch, probably in response to a huge LM bass die-off last winter. I couldn't find a single gill over 8"... I know they're in there though. I found the fish pretty aggressive in broad daylight...usually they are tight lipped during the day. Weird!

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