Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shore fishing with Genna and Lucas

Despite trying to get things ready for a fishing trip up north tomorrow the kiddies were pressuring me to bring them out for a little fishing, so I brought them to a little lake for about an hour. The fish were active, and both caught fish. Lucas can cast, he can work the float and catch fish all on his own. Genna on the other hand is pretty much a novice when it comes to fishing so I had to teach her some basics and she still didn't really get it. Here's a few pictures I took...

Genna didn't want me to publish this picture. haha too bad Genna!


This gill was a real metro lunker, about 9.25"

Green sunny. What a face Lucas!

Tomorrow I get up bright and early and visit Crappie Keith for a couple days of fishin'. I'll be bringing my boat for it's first outing this year. Weather looks to be a bit unstable with some wind and a possibility for showers and thunder. Yikes! Oh well, you know what they say, bad weather=good fishing.

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