Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/25 Saturday outing with Lucas

Me and Lucas went out for a little bit of fishing saturday. Being that a cold front just passed by I wasn't sure we would catch anything, but it didn't feel wickedly cold so I thought our chances of catching something were pretty good. I decided to try Lake Sarah first and our results were disappointing...all we caught was runty little bluegills. Lucas did catch this small LM bass...

Sad, but Sarah does not seem to have the size quality fish in it as it did a few years ago, although I am sure there are some good ones in there.

So after fishing Sarah for an hour we went to Dutch hoping to find the nice bluegills in the shallows. We found fish but most were crappies, with nothing bigger that 9.5". Lucas caught a couple gills and this small perch. He likes perch so I took a picture...

Along with those fish we also caught several largemouth bass, nothing big, but entertaining for Lucas. So we fished for a couple hours and kept enough crappies for a meal. It shouldn't take long before the gills come shallow em masse!

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